Personal, on-site interviews will be held on October 24 and 25, 2024 for applicants selected by the admissions committee. Invitations are extended prior to the interview process, usually in late September or early October to provide candidates ample time to schedule their trips. Interviews are by invitation only. We participate in the Postdoctoral Dental Match Program. 

The interview extends over a two-day period to give applicants time to familiarize themselves with the program and the current residents, staff, and faculty. Also, this gives us the opportunity to get to know our candidates for admission better. Four formal interviews with faculty and residents are held with time allowed for questions, tours and socializing.

After lunch on the second day, candidates depart, and the admissions committee meets to discuss its findings. The admissions committee consists of all full-time faculty and residents, as well as representatives from the dental school administration, orthodontic alumni, and part-time orthodontic faculty.

The Department of Orthodontics strictly adheres to regulations of the Postdoctoral Dental Match Program and will not contact candidates with information regarding preferences for admission prior to the match notification date.