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Orthodontic Endowment Fund

The Virginia Orthodontic Foundation Endowment Fund provides a major source of financial support for the advanced program in orthodontics at Virginia Commonwealth University. These funds shall be used by the department to enhance and improve the advanced program in orthodontics in such ways as are determined by the department. Donations may be sent to:

The Virginia Orthodontic Foundation Endowment 
c/o Dr. Putt Browning 
604 Junction Creek Drive 
Wilmington, NC 28412 
Phone: (910) 793-2520 

McIver Endowment Fund

The McIver Endowment Fund was established in 2001 in honor of Dr. James E. McIver, the first chair of the Department of Orthodontics at VCU. The purpose of the fund is to support the lectureships and continuing education program of the MCV Orthodontic Education and Research Foundation. Additional gifts may be made to the McIver Endowment Fund by contacting the MCV Foundation at (804) 828-9734.


Department donations

Gifts can be made directly to the Department of Orthodontics. Please send donations via check, made payable to VCU Department of Orthodontics. We sincerely appreciate your gift. Send your check to:

Darlene D. Cole
Executive administrative assistant
Department of Orthodontics
VCU School of Dentistry
520 North 12th Street, Room 111
Box 980566
Richmond, Virginia 23298-0566